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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Our suppliers

Boskalis maintains relationships with around 1,200 suppliers for the central procurement of machinery and hydraulics, electro & survey, wearing and construction parts, and facility goods and consumables. Over half (around 55%) are Dutch companies, 15% are European and 30% are based outside Europe. Around 200 of them are regarded as strategic suppliers who account for 90% of the Central Procurement department’s purchasing volume.

Supplier code of conduct

Boskalis wants to do business with parties who act responsibly and with integrity. We aim to form long-term relationships. All buyers conform to the latest NEVI Code of Conduct. In addition to quality, delivery reliability and price, we also take sustainability criteria into account when selecting our suppliers. This is the responsibility of the Procurement & Logistics manager, who reports to a member of the Board of Management. We are the first in our sector to work with a Supplier Code of Conduct, adapted from Boskalis’ own Statement of General Business Principles. The Supplier Code of Conduct contains selection criteria for sustainable procurement, for example relating to prevention of bribery and corruption, human rights, child labor, working conditions, care for the environment and safety. In 2013 we were able to declare our Supplier Code of Conduct to be applicable to the majority of our strategic suppliers (76% of purchasing volume). These suppliers have signed our framework contract of which the code forms an integral part. This compares with 68% in 2012. By signing the contract our suppliers declare the Code of Conduct to also be applicable to their own suppliers, who are registered accordingly in the Boskalis systems. The Supplier Code of Conduct and our General Purchasing Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from our website at

Training course for buyers

In late 2013, all our buyers from the Central Procurement department followed a Socially Responsible Procurement course. This included topics such as ethics, institutes, measuring methods and certification, with a special focus on Boskalis objectives and measuring methods. In addition they learned more about the application of CSR to the job of buyer, about assurance, our supplier evaluation and the performance of implementation scans. They also discussed how they can work with our suppliers to develop initiatives for a sustainable chain.

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