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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Disclosures required by the decree article 10 of the EU directive on takeover bids

Under the Decree article 10 of the EU Directive on takeover bids companies whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market must disclose information in their annual reports on matters including their capital structure and the existence of any shareholders with special rights. In accordance with these requirements, Boskalis hereby makes the following disclosures:

  1. For information on the capital structure of the company, the composition of the issued capital and the existence of various types of shares, please refer to page [95] of the notes to the consolidated financial statements in this annual report. For information on the rights attached to these shares, please refer to the company’s Articles of Association which can be found on the company website. To summarize, the rights attached to ordinary shares comprise pre-emptive subscription rights upon the issue of ordinary shares, the entitlement to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders, and to speak and vote at that meeting, and the right to distribution of such amount of the company’s profit as remains after allocation to reserves. As at December 31, 2013 the entire issued capital consisted of ordinary shares (registered and bearer shares). These are only issued against payment in full.

  2. The company has imposed no limitations on the transfer of ordinary shares. The Articles of Association have stipulated a blocking procedure for protective preference shares. The company is not aware of any shares having been exchanged for depositary receipts.

  3. For information on equity stakes in the company to which a notification requirement applies (pursuant to Sections 5:34, 5:35 and 5:43 of the Financial Supervision Act), please refer to the section ‘Investor Relations’ on page [17] of this annual report. Under the heading ‘Shareholders’ you can find a list of shareholders who are known to the company to have holdings of 3% or more at the stated date.

  4. There are no special control rights or other rights associated with shares in the company.

  5. The company does not operate a scheme granting employees rights to acquire or obtain shares in the capital of the company or any of its subsidiaries.

  6. No restrictions apply to voting rights associated with the company’s shares, nor are there any deadlines for exercising voting rights.

  7. No agreements with shareholders exist which may result in restrictions on the transfer of shares or limitation of voting rights.

  8. The rules governing the appointment and dismissal of members of the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board and amendment of the Articles of Association are stated in the company’s Articles of Association. To summarize, the statutory structure regime is applicable to the company. Members of the Board of Management are appointed and dismissed by the Supervisory Board, with the proviso that the General Meeting of Shareholders must be consulted prior to the dismissal of any member of the Board of Management. Supervisory Board members are nominated by the Supervisory Board and appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders. The Works Council has an enhanced right of recommendation for one-third of the number of Supervisory Board members. The meeting of shareholders can declare a vote of no confidence in the Supervisory Board by an absolute majority of votes cast, representing at least one-third of issued capital. Such a vote of no confidence shall result in the immediate dismissal of the Supervisory Board members. An amendment of the company’s Articles of Association requires a decision by a meeting of shareholders in response to a proposal made by the Board of Management with the approval of the Supervisory Board.

  9. The general powers of the Board of Management are set out in the Articles of Association of the company. The powers of the Board of Management in respect of the issuance of shares in the company are set out in article 4 of the company’s Articles of Association. To summarize, the General Meeting of Shareholders – or the Board of Management authorized by the General Meeting – takes the decision, subject to prior approval by the Supervisory Board, to issue shares, whereby the issue price and other conditions relating to the issue are determined by the general meeting – or the Board of Management authorized by the General Meeting. In the event the Board of Management is authorized to take decisions with respect to the issue of shares, the number of shares that may be issued as well as the term of the authorization must also be determined. Rules governing the acquisition and disposal by the company of shares in its own capital are set out in article 7 of the Articles of Association. To summarize (briefly), the Board of Management may decide, subject to authorization by the meeting of shareholders and to prior approval by the Supervisory Board, for the company to buy back fully paid-up shares up to a statutory maximum of 50% of issued capital. Decisions regarding the disposal of shares acquired by the company are taken by the Board of Management, subject to prior approval by the Supervisory Board.

  10. With the exception of the option agreement with Stichting Continuïteit KBW concerning the placement of cumulative protective preference shares as set out in section 27.4 of the financial statements, the company is not a party to any significant agreements which take effect or are altered or terminated upon a change of control of the company as a result of a public offer within the meaning of Section 5:70 of the Financial Supervision Act. The General Meeting of Shareholders of May 9, 2001 decided to grant Stichting Continuïteit KBW the right to acquire protective preference shares.

  11. The company has not entered into any agreements with either members of the Board of Management or employees, which provide for a pay-out on termination of their employment as a result of a public offer within the meaning of Section 5:70 of the Financial Supervision Act.

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