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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Personnel & Organization

Strengthening our offshore profile

Our activities in the offshore energy sector have grown considerably as a result of the SMIT and Dockwise acquisitions. The composition of our revenue is changing rapidly. This also offers new career perspectives for our staff who can for example make the switch from Dredging to Offshore Energy. Employees have expressed that this is very interesting for them.

In order to carry out the growing number of offshore projects and be able to meet our clients’ quality requirements we need to attract enough qualified staff with an offshore profile as well as give our own employees the opportunity to develop in this direction. To achieve this we are scaling up our practical training programs and concentrating on fast-track training for our employees. Our Boskalis Offshore Development Program has been augmented with specific offshore industry modules, designed to bring participants up to the right level within a year. In 2013 a group of nine employees followed this course, with another 10 set to follow in 2014.

At the same time we are expanding our flexible shell by building a network of independent offshore professionals who can be deployed on a project basis. We also invest actively in the relationship with agencies that act as intermediaries between us and the labor market.

In order to offer competitive terms of employment we have devised special schemes for dredging fleet officers who are brought in on the preparation of offshore projects.

Integration of Dockwise

The integration with Dockwise is well underway. We are approaching this in a similar way to the integration of SMIT, based on a process of due care, with ample preparation and time to get to know each other and each other’s business. We have looked into areas where we can already cooperate or realize synergy benefits. In 2013 this led to savings on amongst others insurance and procurement costs. Given the similarities in our activities the Dockwise Academy training program dovetails well with the Boskalis program. In 2014 we will do more to coordinate our range of courses. We are already working together on recruitment and selection and are now using the same system to ensure clarity both in our communication towards the labor market and in the selection process.

In the few cases where we had to let employees go we agreed on appropriate individual redundancy packages.

The works councils of both Boskalis and Dockwise have been closely involved in the whole process. We want to give further expression to the integration towards the end of 2014 when the Dockwise office staff move into the office complex at Papendrecht. Extra office space is currently under construction to accommodate them.

Integration of MNO Vervat into Boskalis Netherlands

The integration of MNO Vervat has been largely completed. The combined business will continue under the Boskalis name. One of the most important considerations for taking over MNO Vervat was our ambition to act as main contractor on large projects, with the project organization to go with that. The EUR 1 billion SAA road construction project (extension of the motorway network linking Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and Almere), in which Boskalis has a 30% stake, has given a great impetus to the company’s growth. The portfolio of small projects will be scaled down more rapidly. Appropriate individual redundancy packages will be agreed on with employees who have left or are yet to leave the company.

Culture Survey

The addition of SMIT, MNO Vervat and Dockwise is transforming Boskalis from a traditional dredging company into an expert in maritime infrastructure solutions and services. A smooth integration process is not just an organizational feat, it also entails an important cultural aspect to which we are devoting a great deal of attention. And so we commissioned a culture survey, which showed that our cultures are a good fit. For further information on our personnel policy please refer to our CSR report.

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