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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012


The Focus pillar of our strategy is aimed at:

  • Value-Adding Assets

  • Specific market segments

  • Seven geographic regions

Value-Adding Assets

Boskalis increasingly focuses on the availability and supply of Value-Adding Assets. The strength of Boskalis lies in its ability to employ its assets to cater to both the top and the lower end of the market. The company‚Äôs success will be perpetuated as long as we use our broad range of equipment, staff and competencies to provide a balanced service to the various client groups whose requirements vary widely both within and between the market segments.

On the one hand we have clients who need us to deliver integrated, innovative services or turnkey solutions. In order to meet these high- end client requirements we need competencies that complement and strengthen one another, such as risk management and engineering and the ability to act as lead contractor. Project management experience is also essential. We want to strongly position ourselves on a global scale in this segment with its higher margin potential. In doing so Boskalis moves towards the top of the S curve.

At the bottom of the S curve we find clients looking for relatively straightforward and standard services, such as equipment hire or transportation. Cost leadership is an important precondition for lasting success in this segment. By operating our assets at various points on the S curve we are able to create a balance between the complex projects with a higher margin at the top of the curve and the stable volumes at the bottom, on balance allowing us to optimize the utilization of the fleet.

Figure 4: Interrelated core competencies

Figuur 5: S curve - creating value with assets

Specific market segments

Our core activities are focused on markets and market segments where the opportunities for growth and expansion are greatest. In each of these markets we offer our services both in combination and separately.


The oil and gas market is very important in terms of both size and growth potential. Boskalis designs and builds new ports. For oil and gas companies we create new land, realize pipeline infrastructures and take care of their maintenance. We also execute offshore projects for these clients and we provide a broad range of maritime services, including subsea services, heavy and specialist transport, lifting and installation work. This way fully integrated offshore production facilities can be built in Asia and then safely transported using Dockwise vessels to the other side of the world for installation. We also provide onshore and offshore terminal services through our 50% holding in Smit Lamnalco. In addition to this traditional segment the energy market comprises the strongly growing renewables market, where the emphasis for Boskalis lies on the construction of offshore wind farms, including their foundations and cable laying.


The design and construction of new ports and the expansion and maintenance of existing ports on behalf of governments and port operators is another important market. Here we call our dredging and earthmoving activities into play, with civil engineering work at times also playing a major role. For the transportation of port related equipment such as container cranes, Dockwise comes into play and in the operational stage we provide shipping companies with in-port services such as harbor towage. In addition we can be of service to these same shipping companies and their underwriting agents with our salvage activities.

Geographic regions

Within the market segments we target our services at seven geographic regions. The key developments are taking place and the best opportunities for our activities lie in:

1. North-West Europe
2. East and West Africa
3. Middle East
4. Southeast Asia
5. Australia
6. Brazil
7. Gulf of Mexico

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