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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Support for colleagues affected by Philippine disaster

Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines in November 2013, also sent shockwaves through Boskalis. A great many Philippine employees work on the global fleet operated by Boskalis and its subsidiaries SMIT, Smit Lamnalco and Dockwise. Many of these people have been with the company for many years.

Immediate contact

As soon as the effects of the disaster became apparent, we contacted our Philippine employees from the affected area who were on vessels and/or staying in the Philippines at the time. An assessment of the situation showed that around 70 of our 170 employees from the area were directly affected by the disaster. In most cases their homes had been partially or completely destroyed.


CEO Peter Berdowski: “When Haiyan raged over the archipelago in November it caused considerable concern on dozens of Boskalis vessels. People were on the vessels many miles away from home. They heard the terrible news and tried to ring home immediately. But that was impossible. The resulting uncertainty was a genuine tragedy.” When the initial outlines of the disaster started to emerge Boskalis cooperated in every way it could to repatriate the employees as soon as possible.“Our people wanted to go home, to their families. Happily, we now know that there were no casualties among our crews’ relatives. Even so, 70 of our employees faced major damage. In the Philippines, whole families often live together under the same roof. In many cases entire homes were obliterated.”

Boskalis then looked at the personal damage suffered by each employee and made a sum of USD 252,000 available for the 70 employees affected.


The Board of Management of Boskalis did not need to think about the gift for long. Peter Berdowski: “This company is founded on the solidarity that is innate to teams working on our fleet. We are proud of that and want to get that across. Everyone really sympathized with these colleagues and so it is only natural that you want to do something. In our view, our gift befits a good employer.”

Cristopher Hallado

Oranje, Pipe Operator Lives in Aranas, belete, Aklan “I was actually on leave and was in Manila awaiting my flight home when the typhoon struck. This meant I got stuck in Manila for four days because there were no flights and all the power was down. I was very worried about my wife and sons and couldn’t get home. When I eventually got to my village, it was terrible, so much damage and all the electricity was off. Luckily my family could shelter in the house of our relatives. We have used the money Boskalis gave us to mend the roof and to do other repairs. I also got extended leave so I could get everything in order and stay with my family a bit longer. I just didn’t want to leave my family like that. Boskalis' help meant a lot to me and my family. When I left there was still a lot of damage to many houses and the electricity for the village only came on again around three months after the disaster!”

Martin Bureres

Taurus, 2nd Dredgemaster Lives in Bo Amahit, Baugo, Leyte “I was at home when this horrible storm hit, I really thought it was my last moment. I will never forget it. I had my 8-month old baby at home and my parents, my mother who is 83 and my father is nearly 89. Luckily my village is 7km from the shore so we at least didn't get the water reaching our house like other people. Many wooden houses were completely destroyed but we were lucky. We only had a lot of damage to the roof and everybody was safe .After a week we still had no electricity and all communications were down and even food was getting scarce. With the money Boskalis gave us we bought an electricity generator and repaired the house; this was really a big help. Some people in my village still didn't have electricity, three months after the storm hit.”

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