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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Strategy policy and objectives

Our strategy is aimed at sustainable design and execution of our solutions around the globe.

Urbanization, economic development, climate change and more extreme weather represent a challenge for the sustainable socio-economic development of deltas and coastal regions. In addition mining firms and oil and gas companies are taking their search for ore, oil and gas ever further, including into vulnerable areas. This makes sustainable initiatives essential, not only in our dredging operations but also in our offshore services activities.

Our CSR policy seeks to achieve a healthy balance between economic value creation for our clients and our business on the one hand, and care for the environment and societal and social responsibility on the other.

To ensure we exercise our social, societal and environmental responsibilities as effectively as possible our CSR policy focuses on the key areas which are of material importance to ourselves and our stakeholders and which we are able to influence. Our corporate strategy, the outcome of the dialogues with our stakeholders and the benchmark monitoring results have resulted in the following policy objectives and key areas:

  • Our social performance relates to our employees and promoting their safety, personal development opportunities and well-being.

  • Our environmental performance is concerned with the preservation of biodiversity and eco-systems through the further expansion of our environmental expertise and ongoing investment in and use of environmentally friendly equipment.

  • Our societal performance relates to contributions to (local) communities and investment in education and research, as well as social sponsorship and donations.

  • Our economic performance is aimed at creating value for our stakeholders through the continuity of our leading position in our industry.

We will take a closer look at our performance in these areas further on in this report. We report in accordance with the international guidelines set out in the Global Reporting Initiative (version G3.1), application level B. The GRI table on pages 64-65 shows which KPIs we report on.

For a detailed description of our corporate strategy, please refer to pages 10-14 of our Annual Report 2013.

CSR performance key figures 2013 2012
Social performance    
Workforce training/development hours 151,852 174,870
LTIF 0.11 0.26
Societal performance    
Number of interns, graduates and doctorate students supervised 130 95
Environmental performance    
CO2-emissions in metric tonnes (see page 47 for explanation) 1,630 1,051
Investment in Building with Nature (in EUR) 250,000* 500,000
Economic performance (in millions EUR)    
Revenue (work done) 3,539 3,081
Order book (work to be done) 4,005 4,106
Operating profit 466 337
EBITDA 800 568
Net profit 366 250
Results per share (in EUR)    
Profit 3.09 2.37
Dividend 1.24 1.24
Cash flow 5.92 4.59

*Half of the usual investment was sufficient due to less activity in the transition year 2013.

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